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Shenke group was founded in 1985 and now has set up 6 subsidiary companies. we have 1600 employees, and net assets of RMB 500 million, and main business annual income can amounts to RMB 600 million.

Shenke group now has developed to a high-tech enterprise integrated by magnetic material and electronic power devices and equipment development and production. The main products are including precision micro transformers, electric transformers, small size reactors, multiple power sensors, sensor aware terminal and information aware platform system, medium voltage carrier intelligent terminal system, anti stealing electricity terminal system, online monitoring and intelligent analysis system for environmental protection equipment running status, electrical equipment in smart grid.

Shenke group has the professional qualifications in electrical construction and the ability to undertake electrical construction businesses.

In recent years Shenke group focus on pushing forward “seven-five plan” and implementing “five-three strategy”. Now we’re striving to set up and down industry chain with the core of Internet of things related transformers, and create a value chain supported by independent intellectual property, establish an industrial ecosystem guided by new and high technology. Shenke group now is devoted to innovation in areas such as electric power, communications, automobiles, high-speed railways, environmental protection and military industry, and manufacturing High-quality specialty products.

The 6 subsidiary companies of Shenke group are including Hebei Shenke electronics Co.Ltd, Hebei Shenke power equipment Co.Ltd, Hebei Shenke magnetic material Co.Ltd, Hebei Shenheng electrical Co.Ltd, Shanghai Yitian International trading Co.Ltd, Shenzhen Jingshen Hongye electronics Co.Ltd, and all our subsidiary companies shall serve you sincerely as always.

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